Bridal Flats 

For the gorgeous runaway bride who likes it cool and comfy, bridal flats are here to save the day. Give your feet a little break from the high heeled running around. Impeccable as a bride, these flats are delightfully appealing to look at and irresistibly easy to slip on. Durable and high performance, bridal flats are the shoes every bride needs to pamper her feet in.A day when you are worried about getting so many things right, bridal flats ensure you have one less thing to worry about. With your feet sitting pretty in this smashing pair, sit back and enjoy and make that wedding an affair to remember.

  • Bridal Wedges

    Brides planning a summer wedding or those saying ’ I do’ on a beach, your outfit is incomplete without these drop dead gorgeous bridal wedges

    Smart suave sandals which make you every inch the blushing bride, bridal wedges enhances your stride from heel to toe. Ergonomically designed footwear to keep your paws relaxed and comfy on the biggest day of your life. These lightweight and water resistant wedges make certain you can drink, dance and make merry without a frown on your forehead.

    Go chic, go different. Ditch the long white gown and pair these lovelies with a bridal mini or pencil skirt. Revel in your bridal glow and watch as he can’t take his eyes off you or his hands.

  • Ivory Bridal Shoes

    Complement your impeccable bridal look with these pristine ivory bridal shoes. Walk down the aisle in style looking wonderful in white. Ivory bridal shoes are seamlessly encased in a satiny fabric with a foam lined interior and a well supported sole, so you can say your vows without any heel stresses.

    Glamorous and elegant, ivory bridal shoes are perfect for brides of all ages, shapes and sizes. Timelessly classic this pair complements a veiled wedding gown as well as, a cream wedding suit. 

    For brides who want to look bewitching in this once in a lifetime event, ivory bridal shoes add to the couture, contributing grace and charm a league apart.


  • Designer Bridal Shoes

    Bridezillas who want footwear as uniquely different as they are, designer bridal shoes are tailor made especially to suit their needs. Brilliantly handcrafted with a designer flair and decorative accents, designer bridal shoes accentuate the radiance of a newlywed.

    Gleaming with sheer opulence this pair is esthetic, elegant and efficient, all at the same time. The superior make and shock absorbing supportive structure make designer bridal shoes the first choice for all ’bride to bes’.

    So, why go for local when you can do designer. The look and feel of a top notch maker at a much affordable price, designer bridal shoes are a sturdy support and a revolutionary style statement when you toast your togetherness. 

  • Bridal Heels

    Bridal heels are those timelessly classic, gracefully elegant stilettos which can never go wrong. Whether you choose the demure shy gown or the fun flirty number, bridal heels complement each dress flawlessly.

    Wear them to your cocktail party, bachelorette or your reception, bridal heels will look splendid each single time. Aptly designed for blushing brides of all ages, bridal heels are made in a supreme fabric for long lasting comfort and a universal appeal.

  • Bridal Shoes Flats

    For the brides who want to look different and ditch the pumps, bridal shoes flats are here to save the day. Smart and spunky closed comfortable shoes hand stitched to brilliance in a delicate fabric these shoes keep shoe bites away. Anatomically designed in a foot friendly fashion, this pair is a cut above the rest.

    Give your feet the much needed TLC in footwear designed especially for a radiant bride. Wear bridal shoes flats and keep your feet pampered all day long. Shoes so delicate and feminine you feel like your Daddy's little Princess again.

    A pair crafted to exquisite perfection so you can have an unmatched forever ever after.

  • White Bridal Shoes

    Flawless in white, these white bridal shoes are every bride’s dream come true. Designed tastefully by master artisans this pair makes looking good so easy.Look pretty as a picture in these supremely designed white bridal shoes. A pair so stunning you can’t help but show them off. When in a footwear dilemma go with white bridal shoes. This is one classic pair which never goes wrong.

    Slip on the white bridal shoes and dazzle through the night. Revel in your bridal glory with shoes that add a spring to your step as you slip into a life of blissful matrimony.

  • Flat Bridal Shoes

    Nothing can beat the knockout style and cushiony feel of flat bridal shoes. Designed for the smart, sassy, sexy bride who carries every outfit with poise and elan, flat bridal shoes are form fitting and high performance, not to forget swanky and decorous.
    Flat bridal shoes, made of breathable imported fabric are simple and stylish at the same time. This pair keeps your feet relaxed so there are no glitches in your sentimental moments.
    Share the first dance with your Dad or break a leg with the groom, flat bridal shoes ensure all day comfort.

  • Wedge Bridal Shoes

    While you are busy exchanging kisses and loving looks with your partner on your big day, let your feet do the talking in wedge bridal shoes.

    Footwear that looks chic and ultra modern without compromising on ease and comfort, wedge bridal shoes make the event memorable as you start a new journey together.

    For the trendsetter bride who loves the latest in fashion, wedge bridal shoes are the best bet. This pair has a flattering style which suits all grand events.

  • White Bridal Flats

    Bride to be, hit the wedding party in this strappy sensation. Cute and contemporary sandals, white bridal flats have grooved soles that provide traction on multiple surfaces. Dance away the night in your beau’s arms as you take an oath to cherish a lifetime of togetherness.

    Show your paws some love with this sexy pair of white bridal flats. The smooth shiny fabric and a decorative detailing make this pair the perfect wear, anywhere. While a breezy material lets the toes move comfortably, superbly lined soles create a snug fit so your feet are rested and comfortable at all times.