Diamond Shoes 

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Girls are also known to go crazy at the sight of shoes. So what happens when you put diamonds and shoes together? What you have is a product that girls won't be able to resist. Diamond shoes is the term given to shoes with glitters or shiny stones on them. These shoes come in many different variants. Originally though they were meant for a bride's feet.

Now that you have diamond shoes, you need to know how to take care of them. These diamond encrusted accessories need extra care.  When cleaning diamond shoes or bags, you need to use a soft cloth or brush. Do not wipe the item vigorously or you'll risk losing those glitters.

  • Diamond Wedding Shoes
    Diamond wedding shoes are popular because they let brides stand our and literally shine from head to toe in her most memorable day. Not getting married anytime soon? Don't worry, you can still let your feet shine.
  • Diamond Encrusted Shoes
    Diamond encrusted shoes are the pinnacle of glamour. No wonder movie stars and pop icons are often seen wearing shoes that glitter. Because they are the favorite of the rich and the famous, people have the impression that diamond encrusted shoes are expensive. Well, shoes with real diamonds will really cost you a lot. But who said you need the real thing for you to shine. If you want to have diamond encrusted shoes, you have plenty of options. Many popular brands now carry these shoes.
  • Diamond Flats
    If you want just a little glitter and if you really do not want to catch a lot of attention then you can opt for simple diamond flats. The best thing about this particular type of diamond shoes is that you can wear it in almost any occasion. And because they are relatively low profile, you can even wear them during the day. But of course the glitter effect will only be seen once the sun sets. You can even wear these flats in the office and still earn the respect of your colleagues. Diamond flats are probably the makeover that your office attire needs.
  • Diamond Pumps

    If you are going to a posh affair soon but still you want to keep a low profile, then you can choose to wear diamond pumps. Like diamond flats, diamond pumps can also be worn in almost any occasion. They may not be as formal looking as flats but they can still command respect in the boardroom. For a casual affair, diamond pumps are the perfect choice. But let's face it Most pumps in the stores are boring. Adding glitters or studs to pumps give them a new lease on life. 

  • Diamond Wedges
    Wedges are very popular among women because they are very comfortable. Most wedges are really not sexy. So if you want attention and respect, stay away from these boring footwear. Choose diamond wedges. If you want put glitters on wedges and make your wedges sparkle. Buy diamond wedges.
  • Diamond Heels
    Diamond heels are for the ladies who are not afraid to be looked at. This type of diamond shoes are the favorite of celebrities. You can pop starts like Beyonce dancing or attending parties with diamond shoes on But you don't need to have Beyonce's salary to afford wearing shiny, sparkly heels. There are many affordable options out there. You don't really need to use real diamonds to make your feet shine. High quality glitter is enough. These are best worn in clubs or for occasions where you must really stand out.
  • Diamond High Heels

    If you really want to up the ante though then you should go for diamond high heels. The higher the better. High heels are already sexy as they are But if you put glitter in them, they become extra hot. When you wear this type of diamond shoes, all eyes will surely be on you (and your feet) the whole night. Again, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg for a nice pair of diamond high heels. And if you are creative, you can easily turn an old pair of high heels into something that would make you shine.

  • Diamond Studded Heels
    Diamond studded heels can turn any boring outfit into an instant stand out If you wear these diamond shoes, people will be busy looking at your feet. So let's say you have that very special party that you need to attend. And it's a party where you really need to stand out But the problem is you have nothing to wear and there is no time for you to go to your favorite boutique. 
  • Diamond Clutch Purse

    If you need an accessory to go with your diamond shoes. The perfect partner for your diamond heels is a nice sparkling diamond clutch purse. A diamond clutch purse will complement your diamond shoes well. It will not only hold your valuables in style, it will also make you look like a million dollars. It doesn't matter if it has zero cash inside. With such a diamond clutch purse, you will look precious and valuable. And just like with diamond shoes, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg with a diamond purse